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We wish to inform you that The Grain Ethanol Manufacturers Association (GEMA) was established in 2023 as a forum of representation, discussions, meetings and research and development activities in Ethanol Industry. The GEMA is dedicated to promote co-operation and networking amongst the manufacturers engaged in the manufacturing of Ethanol throughout the country. The goal is to assure a growing and healthy Ethanol Industry well into the future.
India’s Ethanol Blending Program is aimed at reducing the country’s dependence on crude oil imports, cutting carbon emissions, and boosting farmer’s income.
The advancement of E20 target to 2025-26 continued to build on its momentum on the back of very promising build-up of industry ecosystem. Centre fixed 10% blending target for ethanol from year 2021-22 and 20% blending by 2025.
With government’s increased focus on ethanol blending in petroleum we believe there is a long runway for growth. As per current statistics, ethanol blending stands at ~ 9.5% and is targeted to reach 20% by 2025-26. According to ICRA Research, India’s Ethanol production has to be increased by 3 times to meet the target of 20% ethanol blending by 2025.

G20 Summit

Global Biofuel Alliance (GBA) aims to accelerate the global adoption of biofuels. The primary focus of the GBA is to promote the use of sustainable biofuels in the transportation sector.
The primary focus of the GBA is to promote collaboration and the use of sustainable biofuels, particularly in the transportation sector. It will also concentrate on strengthening markets, facilitating international biofuel trade, sharing concrete policy insights, and providing technical support for national biofuel programs worldwide.
This initiative, introduced by India as the G20 Chair, aims to accelerate the global adoption of biofuels by promoting technological advancements, enhancing the use of sustainable biofuels, and establishing strong standards and certifications with input from various stakeholders. Additionally, the alliance will serve as a central knowledge hub and expert resource, with the goal of developing international collaboration for the widespread use of biofuels.
The alliance will have a three-tier membership structure, encompassing member countries, partner organizations, and industries. Its core mission is to promote global cooperation and facilitate the adoption of biofuels by identifying best practices for the development and distribution of sustainable biofuels and bioproducts.

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Dr. Chandra Kumar Jain

President's Message